Real Time Tag Tool

  • Country: United States of America
  • Target Market: B2B companies in the USA 
  • Industry: B2B, Printing
  • Time Period: 1.5 months

Tag printing company that provides printed tags to their clients. 

See the awesome work we did for them

This company wanted their customers to be able to design their printing tags online and send them to printing directly. 

Bespoke Website Development 
We made a custom website where clients could select a template and make their custom design on it, and the data  would be directly sent to the company’s production department.

What they said about us

What they said about us

I needed a reliable and automated system via which the users on my website could design their tag and it would go directly into printing. This team very efficiently made this system at affordable rates. It required a lot of hard-work and lots of communication. I thoroughly appreciate the attention to detail and communication skills of the employees. Definitely recommended!

Rob Grooms

Website Design & Development

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