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Conceptualizing, designing, and delivering exceptional execution!


Website development makes it easier for clients to know what products and/or services you are offering and how they are relevant, and how you are different from competitors. This is an excellent way to secure a spot in the market.
A uniquely designed website is what makes you stand out in the market. A uniquely designed website is exactly what we will give you.



Today's times are all about fast technology and complete online procedures. With the ever-growing number of people accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile app development is among the fastest methods to tap into a large number of potential customers. Our team is sufficiently equipped to create the perfect app for you, that will for sure promote and improve your benefits.


Software development

Software development can be an essential component to improve a client's experience. It helps create favorable competition, and then distinguishes you from the competitors. Software development will ensure a safe, and efficient startup, all the while bringing innovation and exclusivity to your portfolio and displays.


ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) automates and smoothens, in addition to ensuring leaner, more accurate, and efficient processes. With EPR, we will optimize systems through superior resource tracking and reporting, database management, and data sharing for you to experience an overall improved information system.


E-commerce Store Development

It is no news that E-commerce has reached the point where it is now the means to reach more customers than traditional retail. It is the fastest-growing retail market itself, with such a vast customer base making its purchases online. We will make sure that your online presence is acknowledged, yielding fruitful results.



We design the vision, let our simple but creative process work for you.

  • Requirements Elicitation

    Identify and collect all requirements of the system to be developed. (This involves functional and non-functional requirements.) Define the scope of the project. Sharing the requirements document with the client, so that all stakeholders involved are well aware of each requirement.

  • Use Cases & Test Cases

    Define use cases of each requirement to see the user flow. (It will also aid in developing the right UX for a wonderful user experience.) In order to undertake extensive system testing of each module and each requirement within the module, we will develop test cases that our testing team will conduct.

  • Design & Prototyping

    Develop the UI/UX designs using different tools. As per the requirements, we will make screens of all features. This step is also imperative so that our client can have a look at the front-end the end-user will be using.

  • Development & Coding

    Once the UI/UX designs are approved, we get onto the coding and development stage. Depending upon the scope of the project, different modules will be divided amongst different development teams. The project manager who will be in direct contact with our client will head all development teams. We apply Agile Software development technique.

  • Integration & Testing

    Integrate all the modules and test their dependencies on each other. Our experienced QA team will test each mentioned requirement in the test cases.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    We also offer after sales services and keep maintaining the system as per requirement.

  • Documentation [at each step]

    Extensive documentation for our client’s understanding will be done at each step. It will be shared with the client in an agile approach.

Dedicated Team

We make use of custom teams (based locally in Pakistan and internationally ) for each
project which involves different resources depending upon the project needs.
  • Project Manager

    Responsible for;
      i. Client communication at all   times, especially at our client’s timezone.
     ii. Ensure all project deliverables are on time.
     iii. Keeping the team together.
     iv. Ensure all the requirements are being fulfilled.
     v. Ensuring quality work.

  • Documentation Resources

    Responsible for;
      i. Documenting each and every requirement.
      ii. Delivering the documentation to the client.
      iii. Taking their feedback and communicating to the project manager and other teams involved at that particular stage.

  • Design Team

    Responsible for making interactive and responsive UI/UX designs.

  • Development Teams

    Front-end and back-end
    Responsible for coding and development

  • QA team

    Responsible for;
      i. Testing as per the test cases
      ii. Ensuring quality

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