Development & Coding

Once the UI/UX designs are approved, we get onto the coding and development stage. Depending upon the scope of the project, different modules will be divided amongst different development teams. The project manager who will be in direct contact with our client will head all development teams. We apply Agile Software development technique.

Use Cases & Test Cases

Define use cases of each requirement to see the user flow. (It will also aid in developing the right UX for a wonderful user experience.) In order to undertake extensive system testing of each module and each requirement within the module, we will develop test cases that our testing team will conduct.

Design & Prototyping

Develop the UI/UX designs using different tools. As per the requirements, we will make screens of all features. This step is also imperative so that our client can have a look at the front-end the end-user will be using.

Integration & Testing

Integrate all the modules and test their dependencies on each other. Our experienced QA team will test each mentioned requirement in the test cases.

Documentation [at each step]

Extensive documentation for our client’s understanding will be done at each step. It will be shared with the client in an agile approach.

Requirements Elicitation

Identify and collect all requirements of the system to be developed. (This involves functional and non-functional requirements.) Define the scope of the project. Sharing the requirements document with the client, so that all stakeholders involved are well aware of each requirement.

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