Happy Life Global

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Target Market: Students in the UK 
  • Industry: Tech-ed
  • Time Period : 2 weeks

Happy Life Global (Hlife for short) is a media company that provides entertainment and training  designed to equip young people with the tools to unlock their potential, helping them to create a life that makes  them smile! 

See the awesome work we did for them

Amid COVID-19, this company wanted to grab onto an opportunity to take Education online by offering  courses to students online which allows their parents to stay updated with their progress

Website development with specific features for teachers, parents & students. The aim was to make a platform that made out of class experience better and more engaging than the in-class.

What they said about us

What they said about us

Thinkific platform is pretty rare and not everyone can serve well. I am happy with the work this team has done.  Even though there were a bit of delays from our end, yet they were very cooperative and always responsive.


Website Design & Development

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